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  • Опубликованно: 05.07.2017
  • Продолжительность: 00:01:27
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07.07.2017 - 16:07

Dragons dogma dark arisen pc gives me alot of benefits they are. Epic badass trailer. Hardcore action. Lag free. Frame rate free hell yeah skill spamming. Challenging. Rough as tough hard as mud. Crazy big ass boss monsters. A smooth experience. Hellish place all hell broke loose, the island of doom, hatred and desire. The underworld of hades. Based on greek mythology of some legendary creatures and monsters love it. Never to be seen unique vocations classes i have never seen before until now thanks capcom. Excellent combat since koar well i prefer both of them as my favorite rpg in history. No pain no gain. Die hard. Best soundtrack. Raw power. Stab yourself with godsbane brilliant idea to end your life. . Pawns are like bff to me like baymax and hiro hamada. Spectacular marvelous screenshots snapping. There accents are amazing. Damn nature you scary. Death the ass rape. The trees and the forests of wind waker style. Blast arrows more like bomb arrows from twilight princess. Consume drugs into your system. Harbinger of destruction and chaos madness and rage madness and rage. Too much is never enough so what at least i have the strength to fight ff. Daimon the devil or satan. Pawn quotes there master the walking dead.

Aerialaceaero 09.07.2017 - 05:22

Best game ever not even joking.

Vanyr 10.07.2017 - 04:41

Anyone know what the themes name is? Trying to look for it. Probably something from two steps from hell or the like. But i can t find it right now.

Dragons Dogma Central 12.07.2017 - 00:06

Anybody knows what s the name of the epic music track in this video?

Alice Lord 12.07.2017 - 04:24

I love cock as much as i love this game.

Afonso Correia 12.07.2017 - 12:17

Did i. Did i just see a medieval armor with abs on it?

Yadev K 13.07.2017 - 21:53

Juegazo! ! ! !

Javier Ramos 15.07.2017 - 14:22

Well now, i say. . That was ridiculously epic.

Ian 15.07.2017 - 20:35

Dragon, s dogma online, please in latin america

16.07.2017 - 04:48

They re masterworks all you can t go wrong

Hbtb 2750 17.07.2017 - 15:51

I dont like the character. It look like potato. Why it doesnt have more slider to customize

Kingofwar 19.07.2017 - 05:00

When can we expect dragon s dogma remastered for ps xbo? I want it. Please make it happen capcom.

Shawn M 19.07.2017 - 19:47

I know this question is quiet stupid but does this story continues with dragon s dogma or different story?

Alice Kitty 20.07.2017 - 17:23

Hey this game is years old what s the deal?

Blackswordman 21.07.2017 - 02:38

Now, this is what you call a masterfull crafted trailer! Does anyone knows the name of the music?

Spielenerd 22.07.2017 - 15:01

Figgin awesome game! All we need is more awesome mods for this game. Imagine if this game had a huge modding community like skyrim s! ! Gawd damn i ll never quit playing it.

Mighty Eviloserun 23.07.2017 - 05:29

Crapcom intensifies

Doctopus 24.07.2017 - 15:53

Omg! Buy now gogoogogogo fuck go!

Osti Games 25.07.2017 - 06:19

Hey capcom, when dd online europe released? ? ? And where is deep down? ? ?

Evgeny The Bash 27.07.2017 - 02:22

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