Обзор superman returns

  • Рейтинг: 4.65
  • - 959 голосов
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  • Опубликованно: 25.03.2017
  • Продолжительность: 00:03:55
  • Просмотров: 982
  • Категория: Обзоры

Комментарии (20)

I gotta say though the flying in this game was awesome Especially when you broke the sound barrier

thetopherhaslanded 15.04.2017 - 06:06

This was way better than Superman 64. i was just flying around all day. Sweet memories.

Raphael Herter 24.04.2017 - 19:38

The only fun part about this game is flying around.

joshua prouty 03.05.2017 - 10:51

anyone up to play superman64

charlie lopez 07.05.2017 - 18:57

есть руские?

Марио Сальватруче 25.05.2017 - 08:20

The Flying His powers heat vision, freeze breath, wind breath, run fast, super strength were very accurate and the best part about this game. All it was missing was a story, lack of iconic villians, different enemy types. And yes this is the best superman game to date even it's only half decent. 610

The Dark Knight Returns 15.06.2017 - 15:17


Blaque Link 23.06.2017 - 15:35

gta superman

Victor Diaz 28.06.2017 - 07:10

looks like a ps2 game

Crazelord91 22.07.2017 - 08:04

Time for Rocksteady to make an awesome Superman game.

Toshiro Hitsugaya 06.08.2017 - 19:33

Too bad it had no story cause they map looked really cool

vicecityrocks1 16.08.2017 - 05:13

This game is lame.

Daniel Hammond 03.09.2017 - 11:04

to me superman games are really bad. this game was bad generally because the flying is horrible. superman isn't even that much of a superhero

hyperzombieRS :3 09.09.2017 - 18:32

i think once game developers get into the mind frame of simulating what it would be like to be superman theyll make a decent game

solomon grundy 30.09.2017 - 10:07

Put in the City is Tokyo cheat and the game becomes kind of awesome.

Nicodemus Edwards 30.10.2017 - 16:56

I beat this game. Memories

Andre L 07.11.2017 - 02:36

Lego Batman 2, as Superman, flying around Gotham was fantastic fun, and you got the Superman theme too

Rich Mond 11.11.2017 - 01:04


Rich Mond 02.12.2017 - 04:59

I just wish someone would develop a series of games for the new DC cinematic universe. Playing as Batfleck and Supercavill would be amazing

The Batman 16.12.2017 - 17:59

I use to boot up the demo in this game just to fly around the city, hearing that sonic boom was so dope.

Tom Spartan 24.12.2017 - 18:02

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