The walking dead survival instinct где найти ключи от машины

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  • Опубликованно: 28.05.2017
  • Продолжительность: 00:01:58
  • Просмотров: 351
  • Категория: Поиски

Комментарии (20)

This is so helpful

Floretta Langley 30.05.2017 - 01:30

Out of order

Deathmaster 27 30.05.2017 - 21:43

Have had the game a week and played full through times and still play it. I do it for the achievements and for fun. To bad there was no way to play as merle. More achievements to go b its old to me lol.

Will Busch 31.05.2017 - 23:13

Its either a wepon you get for pre ordering from amazon or lead pipe

Austin Goodnight 02.06.2017 - 10:38

Thanks helped me a lot

Lucas Gentz 03.06.2017 - 06:24

Cool fire axe at archer creek

Justin Woho 04.06.2017 - 14:14

Thankyou. It s kind of funny. Car magically appears once you have found key. Hehe

Aspiegirl 06.06.2017 - 09:57

The car appears under your vehcles tab at the end of a level

Mannedpython070 07.06.2017 - 16:57

Baseball bat

Mrderpingtonz 09.06.2017 - 14:11

Yes it is fun and all, theres only things bothering me the zombies are always the same, and that when you win you lose everything you scavenged.

William Petrik 11.06.2017 - 13:30

Which car has the most seats?

Damien Clint Moody 12.06.2017 - 14:32

What weapon do you have at archer creek?

M Murry 13.06.2017 - 09:36

On this what weapon was archer creek holding

Jonathan24048 14.06.2017 - 09:55

The art style is very true to the graphic novels and the melee and shooting combat are both simple and satisfying. The voice acting and dialogue throughout is cheesy enough to make you feel you re playing an interactive b movie. It s so fashionable to hate on games these days because they aren t hours long and have millions of dollars thrown at them but scenesters can go f themselves with an iron pole on this one because twd si is great fun!

Major Plums 14.06.2017 - 15:58

I only found one car

Max Valdez 15.06.2017 - 20:47

Indeed the game is awesome i dont understand

Cpg Problock 16.06.2017 - 13:35

I have another car i got from taggart. Do you need that one too to get the achievement?

Blargncheese 17.06.2017 - 03:29

Hey once you find the keys, i thought you had to find the vehicle that goes with it. Am i right? Or have i been looking for a car that doesn t exist?

Aspiegirl 17.06.2017 - 20:44

Ya me too i finished it like times and still im not bored xd

Charles Lumhod 19.06.2017 - 15:06

Yeah i leave blake coz that cracker alway die on runs

Peter Smyth 21.06.2017 - 06:03

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The walking dead survival instinct где найти ключи от машины

The walking dead survival instinct где найти ключи от машины

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