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Manual drops at needed to go, so baddies can t cheat to win at tiers that would cancer away players from the game who want to like wows. If you don t like they did something good for the game, you simply are wrong. And the idea of learning tiers joke, coop mode works even at tier. For the part about dds players and kids overall having to actually learn to play the game, now they cannot sit km away firing in the open in line of sight to targets. Good. We need a more dynamic game than kids spamming he in the broad open, yet never seen for it, lulz, and even more so for ca players. It s just not fun for the game when all you do is sit. Km further than u can be seen firing he for days, unseen, doing nothing. And not fun for the legit players that dare to try and fight the obj or want to win the game so they move up and get ignored tkd. Now players have to think a little while much also has been done to fix minor issues to also make mid low tier ships those that matter the most for the game overall better. Tiers tend esp tier to be teh fun tiers along with the ones new kids are in most. More does need done per the post idea, http forum. Worldofwarships. Com index. Php? Topic blinder bonus for using smoke to hide allies and http forum. Worldofwarships. Com index. Php? Topic fixing the stealth fire issue gun size timers detection tiers perhaps we can get it done, as we did get the smoke timer added.

Zguy0Fsci 29.09.2017 - 21:48

Ok, firstly of all dds have a thing called smoke they can use to disengage a target with when used in basic ways, such as when oh i d k being chased by a soviet dd? Hm? ? Also, the dispersion is more for dds and cas vs bbs with the camo to help vs said ships when in the open at range so you don t just burn to death for nothing. Not sure what rock you live under but bbs can t perma dodge all attacks like dds, lulz as for the everyone only takes concealment says not having heard of steering mod. ? A lot of good use comes from it for many cas at tier and some dds, so no, concealment mod does have competition, and no, not all gear has to be perfect, lol, though i do like the idea that i get like a dispersion cut if i use the targeting mod. Can bet a lot of kunts would pick it then.

Zguy0Fsci 01.10.2017 - 19:59

Nerf bb range, then they will have to come forward fight

Gizzy Nc 03.10.2017 - 04:00

All these videos and you don t understand nothing of this game.

Cosmin Lesutan 04.10.2017 - 17:54

Your gonna see more destroyers play incorrectly with this patch. Not my problem notser if they don t learn the mechanics. They can learn the easy way or the hard way. Either way smart dd players like me and others in this comment section will learn and adjust. I m looking forward to the stealth fire nerf. Let idiots sink.

Highlander 08 05.10.2017 - 07:50

More players need to watch your vids. I have not seen to many thing i would disagree with great.

D C 06.10.2017 - 12:43

How should a aki break contact with kn?

Sascha Wagner 07.10.2017 - 17:51

Maybe different ship classes need their own skills and modules.

Jari Gustafsson 09.10.2017 - 03:18

Or maybe its that many destroyers don t know how to play correctly because all they know how to do is hover in the stealth zone and he spam?

Nwa744 11.10.2017 - 01:49

Lol notser i wrote a big long tirade about t dd players being the worst out of all the lines players. Each dd ship has such a varied style of play, yet people apply the same techniques to every other dd. Sometimes just being there to spot and give smoke is all youre supposed to do, yet many cant even do that, they cant read the situation and apply an unorthodox tactic for what their ship is capable of, or doing exactly what their ship is supposed to do, depending on the situation etc. People are just bad and apply vanilla tactics to every ship, and this patch will definitely highlight those bad dd players. Use your brain, youll be fine, nothing is different cept the fact theyre forcing you to smoke to use your guns if you dont want to give out free information by virtue of being detected as you use your guns to be a nuisance. Dont use your guns, dont give out information, get nerfed, whatever, dds need a nerf if you want to go around setting fires like an invulnerable dipshit, now you only get a few windows of opportunity or rely on your skill to do that.

Silent555 12.10.2017 - 15:53

I am for any changes that help to prod battleship players into actually playing. I have had several games this weekend yea. I know, weekend right? Where full hp tier x bbs actually retreat further back than their original spawn point. One game a montana was back with the cvs saying they needed extra aa. It is incredibly rare to find a battleship that doesn t just sit back at max range taking ineffective potshots. Even in ships like gneisen or sharn. Often it comes down to who s bbs camp less.

Cyberknife 13.10.2017 - 02:10

What we need is variable xp. So that your xp is reduced for long distance xp xp for damage x of range. That would force bbs to move up more or lose the bulk of the xp they could have earned.

Paul K 14.10.2017 - 11:22

Well you never want to kill off a retreating squadron then the planes have to fly back to cv before they can be replenished if you kill them all on the way home, then they regenerate squadron and start to reload as soon as the last plane in a squadron dies.

Neil Harbott 15.10.2017 - 00:20

If the acquisition module overcame stealth modified target vis range, then maybe it would be more useful.

Neil Harbott 15.10.2017 - 19:10

So after the patch everyone that can equip concealment gets a enemy dispersion buff or a accuracy nerf depending how you look at it. The buff the tier and ca get will just make them the same accuracy level post patch as it was pre patch. I think they are making a real mess of things in effect a tier ca sees tier and games not only are they out classed but they also have an accuracy penalty? I hope this is mind games by wg maybe they are getting people up in arms and to boiling point and at last minute pull back and just reduce the stealth fire window to km. That way it wont totally screw things up. The players will think they have achieved a victory and wg maybe only had that initial km window planned but new that also would have caused a shit storm.

Sub Ohm 16.10.2017 - 17:13

Hey notser, could you make a commentary of the low tier cv gameplay on the pts, please? Just show everyone and wg how these reduced inputs feal like and what especiall new player starting cvs can expect.

Onkele 17.10.2017 - 23:28

Well tasm was never an option anyway

Smoku 18.10.2017 - 21:06

I am in favour of them removing the ability of low tier carriers to do manual drops. I know you don t play down there but in the low tiers a good carrier player is totally op compared to his opponents and can dominate and ruin the gameplay. Low tier ships have no aa and no manouverability. They are simply at a carrier s mercy with nothing they can do to stop being nuked. The carrier player can just fly a full squadron up to the side of a bb with no risk, drop a full spread less than a boat length away from the target and fly back without losing a single plane. Tier is the point where ships start being able to defend themselves or avoid air dropped torps.

Bluegumtiger 19.10.2017 - 19:18

Deathlegionaire and vekta in video, talking about the soviet dd and how the player was doing it wrong. No further comment needed.

Drock 12 20.10.2017 - 06:56

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