Ванга мод для world of warships

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  • Опубликованно: 04.07.2017
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Комментарии (20)

We need more of these vids so that people leave this ruined game in droves until wot removes all mods and possibly in game auto aim.

Nathan Star 05.07.2017 - 04:44

Saian aim bot that does it

Mike Wilson 05.07.2017 - 22:55

Nopoe you are right he is cheating

Mike Wilson 07.07.2017 - 12:56

Bastards cheats

Andrea Zannini 08.07.2017 - 02:24

I can t tell you how many times i been hit through a hill! I am about ready to quit the game. Wot needs to do more than just a two week ban. It needs to be permanent.

L Michael Berg 08.07.2017 - 23:13

Go to russia servers, its normal

Villy Zanej 09.07.2017 - 03:28

Mods is cheat period should just get a ban on all modded players

Thechillimouse 10.07.2017 - 08:25

So there is cheating in wot. I always thought so. I wonder if someone here can come up with a hack that can make the tank who using it will blow up. After all if the wot is going to allow this they wont mind us to hack their program.

Donald Grant 11.07.2017 - 18:58

Im reporting this channel for comdoning hackers

Fuck You 12.07.2017 - 19:17

I love artillery hitting me from over the how map when i was doing km and zagging.

Narw 13.07.2017 - 14:44

Personally i think anyone willing to hack should be named and shamed. Watch those aimbot stats get wrecked by tk s

Jonathan Lawrence 14.07.2017 - 06:57

I don t see this as a big deal, it s just like playing against a bot, part f the challenge

Alek Syd 15.07.2017 - 14:52

These hopeless cheaters. These shots are fucking easy without aimbots.

Bloody Crow 17.07.2017 - 04:51

I hope wargaming gonna band him forever

Trazor Bitter Clash Of Clans More 18.07.2017 - 14:59

I gotta get this mod

Mces Lex 20.07.2017 - 00:41

Md dowloand please

21.07.2017 - 16:28

How to download it?

Mirko Nemana 22.07.2017 - 11:33

End watt can we do for this

Luis Sinomati 23.07.2017 - 01:20

Give name player

Starfleet Enterprise 23.07.2017 - 14:01

What is this sick slang!

Wildboy0001 25.07.2017 - 08:42

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Ванга мод для world of warships

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